Goodwood Residence Site Plan With a beatifully manicured Grand Lawn of approximately 60m by 30 m in size (Half the size of a football/Soccer Field) is located in the heart of the development, almost 80% of the estate is devoted to landscaping and communal facilities.

Green Living Close to 500 carefully selected trees will be planted to complement the existing 58 preserved trees. Residence will be greeted with an impressive tree-lined boulevard that leads to a grand courtyard for droff-off.

Green Walls Reinforcing the green ambience ofthe estate, this feature allows the landscape to extend vertically up the building. While visually pleasing, it also serves as a natural insulation for sun shading.

Smart Water Management System Special storage tanks have been designed to gather rainwater and water from the Green Walls to be recycled for landscape use within the estate.

An oasis of calmness in the hectic rush of the modern city living. Goodwood Residence is in a class of its own: quiet, dignified, serene and elegant. The indelible Goodwood Residence is indeed one of the best property investments in Singapore!

The Grand Arrival A sense of the grand arrrival awaits as your car rounds the majestic raintrees that grace the roundabout, and stops in front of the splendid porte-cochere. Admire the embracing lush tranquility, enhance by a magnificently designed landscape that is wholesomely evocative of an exclusive resort sanctuary at Goodwood Residence.