Goodwood Residence Location Map Goodwood Residence is a freehold luxury development located at 261 Bukit Timah Road Singapore, a prime District 10 locale. It comprises 210 luxurious apartments. Spreading over 2.5 hectares of prime land, Goodwood Residence shares a 150 meter boundary with the expansive Goodwood Hill. Boasting a rich heritage within 20 hectares of  lush greeneries and next to Goodwood Hill which is the Tree Conservation Area of many “Black & White” colonial houses.

Goodwood Hill is a rarity in the prime Orchard-Scotts vicinity. The area is leafy, quiet and very exclusive. The distance from the front entrance of the development at Bukit Timah Road, to the edge of stack 16 is approximately 80m. The development extends further 170m inside towards Goodwood Hill, making the total distance span of approximately 230m from Bukit Timah Road to Goodwood Hill.